We will work with you to develop new products that will excite your market. We will make your product from start to finish with imagination, quality, delivery, and cost as paramount considerations.

Whether it be packaging, a gift product,, or a luxury product, we can marry the latest technologies with innovative designs and new materials that will differentiate your products from all the others. And we think out of the box!

We have access to an extensive network of certified manufacturers in Asia. We work "close up and personal" that is, directly with our factories, designers, and usability engineers to create your product.

We own our own intellectual property but, are happy to work with other designers and engineers to create really exceptional designs.

We are experienced utilizing digital products, materials and fabrics, and production processes to create new products.

And... if we can't yet make it ourselves, we know where to go to find partners that will work with us.

So whether your product is a sports calculator, a sophisticated glass package, or a simple and elegant silk box, contact us to see how we can work together.

Below, you will find a sampling of some the innovative technologies and materials that we can work with ...


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