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Please be patient while we currently update our website. We will introduce new ideas and new sevices including:

- 3D Modeling, CNC, print 4D print, vacuum forming, aluminum tool and finishing services - We will make it exactly as you will sell it. We also will make electronic and digital test models. Finishing includes - metalizing, spray painting, and silk screen deco on your final models and samples.

- New Products - innovative jewelry packaging, Swivel Lip lipstick, Retro compacts, and Air tight compact patented concepts.

- Contract manufacturing services

Stew Seidler


Concept Workshop
Worldwide, LLC

We invent. We design stories. And then we manufacture our concepts so that they live to tell your story.

We create innovative products and devices for the cosmetics, packaging, jewelry and gift industries. We offer our products in one of three ways:

  • We manufacture and sell our uniquely creative packaging, cosmetic compact containers, and devices through our Hong Kong based company, Mosaic Development (FE) Limited.  In addition to offering you our stock products, we will work with your company to customize your proprietary designs around our patented concepts.  Together, we will create a truly unique product that will stand out on the retail shelves!  Please see our product lines here.
  • We sell or license our patents and ideas directly to our customers.  Please click here to see our inventions and ideas.
  • We will develop OEM products using our knowledge of the latest most innovative new materials and concepts available. We will use our worldwide network of reliable contract manufacturers and designers to create a truly unique and exceptional product. Please click here to see some of the latest in materials and technologies we use.

Please explore our web site to learn more about what we have to offer. Or contact us if you are interested in any of our products. Or read our story...

____ at Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2017 ____

Visit us at our US sales partner's booth - Roberts Cosmetics + Containers

Concept Workshop is delighted with enthusiastic response to our Award Winning magnetically modular Unhinge Me Swivel & Slide cosmetic compact designs.

Each product layer of this compact is its own individual package. The consumer simply attaches one layer to the next via a special magnetic hinge that also allows the consumer to swivel or slide her compact open and closed.

And... we will be launching a set a new patent pending products. We are really very excited about this. Come and visit to see what we have -

.........Modular cosmetic packaging

.........Brand new Swivel Lips 3-part lipstick package


Attend the NYIGF!

Attend the NYIGF!

Visit our booth at Americasmart in Atlanta



..... and check out our new Gift lines.

We will show our proprietary and patented ideas at the AmericasMart Gift show in Atlanta, Georgia.

An exciting new concept in modular display products.


Memto Displays


We are currently looking for agent representatives & distributors for some of our products in Japan, Australia-New Zealand, and South America. If your company has interest, please email Concept Workshop.