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Bellows Liquid Dispenser

Drop a pre-filled, sealed bellows container into this two-piece dispensing device. The consumer squeezes cap and base together and dispenses mono-dose or multi-dose quantities of product.

Perfect for sampling and single-use applications.

We are searching for a corporate partner to develop this patented concept into an application for their pharmaceutical, cosmetic or veterinary products. Please email Stew at Concept Workshop.

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  • Allows better control dispensing of product through a bellows container. Use thumb and two fingers to squeeze cap and base together to dispense.
  • Product is sealing in a bellows until used.  Patented system to break seal and deliver product.
  • Easy to assemble. Drop a pre-sealed bellows into the plastic rigid base and snap on cap.
  • Preselected mono or bidoses.
  • Can be designed as a reusable base-cap unit. When product is used up, remove bellows and add another filled bellows.

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