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Twist Blister CR Package

This is a unique CR and Senior Friendly package.  Simply push down and twist the tab that covers the blister.  This tears the foil and exposes the pill.  Available with a built in tool or, the user can use a coin to open each of the tabs.

Accessible to the adult user.  The two stage opening sequence is designed to render the package child resistant.

We are searching for a corporate partner to develop this patented concept into an application for their pharmaceutical, cosmetic or veterinary products. Please email Stew at Concept Workshop.

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  • Perfect for fragile pills and creams
  • Sufficient space on card to print text
  • Can be designed to require tool (such as a coin or key) to open
  • Can be designed to open without a tool.
  • Two step opening sequence r enders the package child resistant.

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