All of these inventions are patented and available for license or sale to your company.

For medical and healthcare companies you may want to explore the Bellows dispenser, Scoop, Twist, and Squeeze Cap senior-friendly-CR packages, the Variable Dosage and Clinical dispensers, and the Magnetic Slide applicator.

Cosmetics companies would be interested in the Bellows, and the Magnetic Slide and the magnetically hinged compacts 1 and 2.

Suppliers of chemical, laboratory, adhesives, and household cleaner manufacturers should explore the Squeeze Cap & Variable Dosage products.

And speak to us about other patent-pending products that we are developing.

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The following patented inventions are available for sale or licensing...

Bellows Liquid Dispenser

"Scoop" CR-SF Blister Pill Package

"Twist" CR-SF Blister Pill Package

No longer available

One-Piece CR-SF Squeeze Cap

Magnetic Slide Applicator

Variable Exact Dosage Dispenser

Limited licensing available

Variable Exact Dosage Dispenser - Clinical

Limited licensing available



Flow-Through Brush Products

The following patented inventions are available for licensing only...

Magnetic Hinged Compacts - 1

Magnetic Hinged Compacts - 2

Modular Display Units