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The Perfect Pedometer

With so many pedometers on the market, how can you improve on them? In a few very important ways. This is no cheap cereal-box pedometer!

Have you ever used your pedometer and found it records EVERY movement you make; even those you did not want to count. So if you are on the golf course an take those swings or, if you are in a car and ride over those bumps, each movement is recorded by your standard pedometer. But not this one! Why can't they design a pedometer that you can turn off?

And why can't they design a one button - one function pedometer? Why isn't there a pedometer with extra space for your organization's logo?

Now there is a reasonalbly priced unit that answers all these desires...

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  • Measures Number of Steps Taken,and Miles (Kilometers) Walked.
  • Contains a Stopwatch.
  • Simple to use. One Button - One Function..
  • Steps and Miles (function) can be measured independently.
  • Turn the pedometer off so you don't count unintended movement.
  • Tested for accuracy and reliability.
  • Large LCD display.
  • Large space for printed and engraved logos.

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